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Dear game developer

To help you complete the submission for the “Call for Projects : Swiss Games 14/15” we have put together a few general hints to guide your submission process and give you a clearer idea what to fill into the categories. These fundamentals are based on remarks and hints by game industry professionals that were the results of previous juries looking at all the entries. Further down are some FAQ which cover the many questions that we were already asked.

Additionally you can have a look into the “Drei”-submission from the last Call for Projects.

We are looking forward to receiving some awesome entries.

I        Budget

The SGDA ( Swiss Game Developer Association ) provided us with a budget template for your game project. Feel free to use it as a base for your financial plan.

SGDA Budget Template

II        Fundamentals

General description

Find one sentence describing the fundamental experience the game will give the player, e.g. “race the most popular cars in the world around the most gorgeous cities”.

Content and artistic aspirations

List the key features that define & differentiate the product. These are the key things that you would mention if asked to explain the product to a journalist. They should communicate what is unique, appealing and innovative about the game. Keep your game well defined with around three strong key features; the absolute maximum number of key features should be 5. Additionally summarise the proposed art direction and descript the unique points of your game regarding audio-visual components of your game.

Goal of the game

What do you want to achieve with the game. Tell us what’s the bigger picture behind the game.

Control scheme and gameplay

How is your game controlled and what is the common interaction cycle of the player. Include all controls that players need to know when they play your demo.

Target audience

Who is the intended audience for the game? Be as precise as possible, in particular if your game obviously targets a niche market (e.g. train model lovers, teenage boys aged 12 to 16).

Development milestones

Explain the estimated timescale and resources for the entire project until its completion.

Promotion and distribution strategy

How are you going the sell the game, which platforms do you want to use, are you planning a cooperation with channels to get to platform or are you already in contact with a third party. Are you organizing promotion yourself, and what will this promotion look like, or are you relying on a publisher to handle the promotion.

Add a market analysis if applicable (Research sales of products in that space, be specific

business and revenue models)


Submit three to five pictures that show the game, explain interaction or show how the game should look like when it’s done.


The prototype should, as much as possible, demonstrate the game’s core experience and all key features.

Depending on the stage of development, you might not be able to demonstrate “everything”. Don’t forget however that the demo and therefore the gameplay is KEY for the jury.

Prepare one document alongside your demo featuring:

• Clear guidelines on how to play the demo

• Your intent with the demo, what it lacks, what needs perfecting in your mind, what features it presents and what features will be added later in the development, etc....

• A precise description of the intended evolution in gameplay and story

• A clear explanation of the stage of development your demo is at (early stage prototype/vertical slice/alpha or beta stage...)

II         FAQ

Those questions might answer some of your questions. Otherwise feel free to ask Samuel Vonäsch at vonaesch@ludicious.ch

For the budget, is it necessary or important to clearly distinguish between already finished project parts ( like prototype development )  and planned project parts ( next iterations of your project ) ?

You can state all already realised parts of your game in the budget as self funded development costs, if you didn’t get funding already to realise your prototype.

But for the «Call for Projects: Swiss Games» whose intent is to fund the development process until a beta version of your product, the costs of that phase are important. You can budget later phases but it isn’t mandatory as those phases might be far in the future.

Is it allowed to include marketing, advertising and distribution in the budget?

Yes it is.

Can the founding of a company be part of the budget?


Are there any flat rates how to calculate the costs of office supplies?

No as those costs can vary heavily from project to project. You have to budget the real costs.

Should personal contributions, like paychecks, be budgeted realistically?

It’s recommended to use realistic numbers to show that you carry out the project realistically and professionally.

Are there additional funding sources?

As stated in paragraph 10 of the reglement, a project can’t be part of a funding program twice if one of the included institutions is involved. This is about funding programs and doesn’t apply to competitions where prize money is involved.

Is it possible to only partially submit information and submit the rest later?

Yes, all the text fields can be edited easily again when you come back to the submission site. But if you submit pictures and pdfs, those parts get locked and you need to send a mail to vonaesch@ludicious.ch if you want to unlock it again.

Is it possible to submit additional documents to explain your project better?

No, the current submission process is the only way to submit information. It also allows us to control which project have not submitted every requirement and inform the developer about that in time, as we don’t accept any submissions or additional information after December 21.

I provide you with a download link, can I update that build after the submission closing?

No. All the games provided through that channel will get downloaded immediately after the submission closing to assure everybody has the same changes. If you provide an empty link your entry can’t compete in the selection process.

III Example Project

Shows what an entry that succeeded in getting funded filled into all those text fields.

Project: "Drei" (formerly ATAT)

Short description of the game

ATAT is a experimental multiplayer game for the iPad and internet browser. The players have to communicate and work together in order to build a tower.


iOS, Win, Mac


Logic Games


English, German

Online component


Team size


Project Description

General description

When starting, the players will find themselves in an empty world, grey blocks in different shapes are lying on the ground. There are always three players in this world together.

The players then have to build a tower by stacking the blocks on each other. This tower has to reach a specific point, indicated by a rotating star. As soon as their tower touches the star the players can proceed to the next level. The aim is to complete all levels.

Content and artistic aspirations

ATAT is designed to be as universal as possible. Gravity is a universal language that doesn’t need explanation. The language spoken by the characters is invented, but is intended to sound like any language.

The interface is simple. The character designs are inspired by ancient tribal arts, cloth and patterns. The sound design as well is aligned with traditional folk music from different corners of the world.

Goal of the game

The concept of the game was inspired by the story of the tower of Babel – even though there are no religious ambitions involved. The underlying aim of ATAT is create a sense of shared global responsibility.

Control schemes & gameplay

The players can either touch the blocks that they want to stack, or pull a string out from the side of the block. To release the block the players have to touch the block again.

Target Audience

As mentioned ATAT is aimed to be universal. Therefore we hope that everybody liking casual games, and has access to the internet, would like our game.

Developement Milestones

Prototype: January 15, 2013

Anticipated Release: within 2013

Promotion & distribution strategy

We plan to offer a free version for the web and paid version (between 1 and 5 Francs) for the iPad. If the game is successful we would also release it on other platforms.

We will publish an announcement trailer a few days before the game release. On the day of the release we will publish the game trailer. We are in touch with different media networks to announce the game simultaneously on the release day.